It’s no secret, at Dynamic Capital we are big fans of the restaurant business. We love the stories and the spirit of these special entrepreneurs. From Ray Kroc of McDonald’s to Colonel Sanders to Dave Thomas of Wendy’s to Tom Monahan of Domino’s we always find inspiration. And there are plenty of lesser known stories to; from pushcart sandwiches to fine dining, single food trucks to fleets, and the classic from dishwasher-to-busboy-to-waiter-to-manager-to-owner.


The lure of the restaurant business attracts the rich and the famous, the educated and the illiterate. The main predictors of success are neither status nor education; the winners are eyes wide open realists, willing to work brutally long days in succession, who can monitor the quality and the margins, possess the keen ability to understand and react almost immediately to consumer demands and tastes, all while managing a workforce that depends heavily on low wage employees and an inventory that is perishable.

No matter where you are in your restaurant, catering, food cart, food truck success story we want to hear from you. We’ll share our knowledge and we’ll be ready to find the capital you need for your next step. Call today because we really do love the restaurant business – your stories inspire us.

Successful restaurateurs also have one common trait – access to capital. It’s the lifeblood of business and as you know more difficult for the little guys and newcomers. That’s why Dynamic Capital is here for you.


Need a new walk-in cooler? Have to replace a broken dishwasher? You need an equipment loan. We can have money in your bank tomorrow – within hours.

Make Over

Is now the time to build out or improve your current location or add another? A merchant cash advance aka MCA loan could make it happen. Maybe a business line of credit is your best option.

Increase Sales

Entering the delivery segment with Uber Eats, GrubHub, or your own delivery operation. We are seeing lots of action in this segment. Call us and we’ll share some insights and get you on the path with the capital you need.

Expansion & Marketing

Starting from scratch or franchising your operation? Let’s talk about SBA loans, there are some surprising fast and easy SBA loan options.

Thinking about a food truck as a starting point or as your next expansion move? A catering trailer or central commissary? Call us.

Need cash for marketing and advertising? We can do this too.

Get approved today and have working capital in your account.