Can you fight for the small business ideal?

Dynamic Capital, America’s fastest growing business lender needs broker-sales stars.

Lending money would seem easy, everyone wants money. Our successful brokers say it is hard work – yet very rewarding financially. Gratifying because we defend the small business ideal.

Our culture is the difference.

Have you ever worked where the sales people make great money and make more money month-to-month? That’s our magic ingredient, it’s what makes our culture thrive. Our core value – when your future is bright your spirit is free from worry and you can do your best work.

This freedom from worry is the essence what we sell. Our clients need financial solutions, so they can focus on growing their businesses.

Our sales culture is made of people who are great listeners. Great listeners ask great questions and earn the trust of their prospects. We train you listen and to ask the right questions. Trust is a vital ingredient in our corporate culture.

Our team members know that everyday clients come to them with their dreams on the line. Knowing that your work protects your client’s business, family, employees, and the community that depend on them is gratifying. Sustaining and growing the small business community makes the American dream happen – it’s a great source of pride for our sales team and another critical component of our culture.

This is serious work, so we take the time to lighten up and have fun. We know motivation needs to be nurtured and that the even a lucrative job needs light moments to break up the day. We know that financial rewards and recognition go hand-in-hand. We know friendly competition in the office can be a good thing and that breaking bread together returns lasting value to the entire organization. Great work happens with great teams that value fun and fellowship too.

We want to know about you.

Can you see yourself embracing our work culture? Are you motivated to make $50,000 to well into six figures year? Are you willing to commit to professional growth and being a better sales person every day and on every call? Want to find out what is like to work where people are happy making money?

If fighting for the small business ideal seems like something you could do call us today. Let’s do a chemistry check over the phone. Let’s take the time to listen to each other and take it from there. Call now, we can do the resume thing tomorrow, after all you will have listened and learned.