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Do you know the lifetime value of your client?

Having spent much of my business career in the payment processing / merchant services industry, I would review the monthly credit card revenue of my clients that covered most every industry. In my business, we worked on “basis points” (One basis point is equivalent to 0.01% (1/100th of a percent...
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Auto Repair Funding

You like working with your hands. You are pretty good with computers – that’s good, you have to be to survive. Your job gets more complex every single day. You are likely a mentor to your key employees. You find yourself competing with some of the world’s largest corporations for customers...
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Four SBA Loan Programs You Must Know About

Low rates, large loans, good for start-ups, and existing businesses, even loans for working capital and for real estate purchases – there’s plenty to like about Small Business Administration loans. If you are looking for business capital, it’s time to learn about SBA loans as an option. Here...
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How to Get a Loan Without Collateral

If you have been looking into a small business loan you likely have been asked about what you have for collateral to secure your loan. And now you know many traditional lenders simply have no interest in your business if you have no collateral for them. You are not at the end of the road […]...
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Yes – This is the Golden Era of Small Business

Why Now Is The Best Time to Grow Your Business Are we in the Golden Era of small business? Many think so, a recent report released by the National Federation of Independent Business, the Small Business Optimism Index confirms what many say and feel – now is the best time ever for small business. H...
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The Truth About Credit Checks and Credit Scores

Here’s the reality about credit scores – a lender just checking your score can lower it. Check again and it goes even lower. Shop for a good deal on funding your small business and your score can take a beating before you get a deal done. Here’s what you need to know: There are two […]...
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